Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ah, Calvin. Oh, Hobbes. We knew you well.

“Calvin & Hobbes” was one of my favorite comic strips ever, and I still mourn cartoonist Bill Watterson’s decision to put down his pen and walk away from it in 1995.  It’s a happy moment when I run across a “Calvin” strip - any strip - on a friend’s Facebook page or in a blog or wherever.

I’ve never fully understood what prompted Watterson to quit, and this lack of closure has faintly troubled me.

But a blog post I saw this morning left my eyes moist but also helped me begin to understand.  Kudos to Australian cartoonist Gavin Aung Than for this work of art, in Watterson’s style, and accompanying essay on the blog.

I still miss Calvin, and Hobbes, too. But I feel a little better now, and perhaps a little more secure on my own journey off the beaten path.

Full-size cartoon and essay here. (Note that the image is so large that it took a few moments to load here, even on cable Internet.)