Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are you sure you want to super-size that soda?

Years ago,when a random assignment led me serendipitously (and unexpectedly) into a part-time career as a wine and food writer that has lasted for some 30 years (!) now, I discovered to my interest that the more I developed a taste for quality food and wine, the less I enjoyed commercial soft drinks a.k.a soda. A poster boy for Coca-Cola I am not.

I guess that's why this blog post from Daily Infographic caught my eye. As the post sums it up, "In recent years, medical experts have voiced their opinions about soda. They claim that drinking it in excess can lead to a number of health problems, specifically obesity. Sorry folks, but today’s infographic highlights the dangers surrounding soda, and how it directly impacts the various parts of the body. Hopefully today’s frightening information will help you think twice about ordering your favorite fizzy drink, and opt for water instead."

That would certainly be my choice. How about you?

Here's the full blog post: