Monday, August 26, 2013

Fruit and yogurt: Why not DIY?

Fresh peaches and mission figs, plain
unsweetened yogurt and a little brown sugar.
Think "healthy breakfast," and yogurt with fruit comes to mind, or it comes to my mind, anyway.  And what could be easier than pulling a mini-tub commercial fruit yogurt out of the fridge, popping the lid, and digging in?

I'll argue, though, that it's well worth the effort to Do It Yourself.
It takes a little more shopping and a few precious morning minutes to make it happen, but it's still a mighty quick process to (1) wash a piece of fresh seasonal fruit; (2) cut it into bite-size chunks; (3) put it in a bowl and dollop on some fresh, low-fat, unsweetened plain organic yogurt; (4) sprinkle, if you wish, a bit of good brown sugar or raw sugar; (5) stir; and (6) serve and eat.

Benefits?  Fresh fruit flavor and quality. No additives. No high-fructose corn syrup. No chemicals, no preservatives, no bovine growth hormone.  Just good, really healthy eats. Breakfast of champions, I tellya!

(Want to add some granola? Try my friend Barb's homemade recipe: