Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our weekly bread?

"Pug roll" and soylatte at Blue Dog Bakery.
I couldn't resist riffing on "our daily bread" for this photo of a mini-Pugliese roll, a.k.a., "pug roll," that I enjoyed this morning as part of a weekly (sometimes) ritual involving a walk with Mary from home to Blue Dog Cafe, one of the best artisan bakeries anywhere and a friendly, comfortable spot to sit back with the New York Times, an espresso drink and an amazing artisan bread (or seductive pastry), whiling away the early hours of a Saturday morning amid friends and neighbors.

I snapped an iPhone photo, posted it in a Facebook check-in, and was surprised at the "Likes" and happy comments that came pouring in.  Either I have lots of friends who love Blue Dog, or maybe lots of friends who recognize something very elemental - and pleasing - about crusty, hand-made bread.  Or maybe it's both.

Good bread is a good thing, and it's no coincidence, I think, that "our daily bread" stands in as symbol for the fundamental nutrition that we all need and that everyone deserves.