Thursday, September 12, 2013

Best pimento cheese ever?

Well, the best pimento cheese I've ever made, I mean.  I made way too much for an event Saturday and brought a nice portion back home, where it's been serving me for lunch and snacks ever since.

As pimento cheese should be, it was just as simple as can be:  Grate extra-sharp cheddar (Cuisinart grating blade), then mix with a jar of diced pimentos (drained) and about the same amount of roasted Italian peppers, also small dice, with just enough good quality mayo to moisten.

Then the doorway to flavor glory opens with the flavorings, where you want the final dish to be piquant but not fiery.  So, to taste, sampling as you go:
Freshly ground black pepper, cayenne, a tiny dab of Sriracha sauce, a dash of dry mustard and a shake of Japanese wasabi powder.  The four different heats come together like a classical chile quintet, but I can't emphasize too strongly the importance of keeping it subtle and checking tastes before you call it a wrap.