Monday, September 16, 2013

Fake beef - why the hate?

It’s a funny thing about plant-based meat analogues, a.k.a. faux meat, or for those who prefer to keep it in English, “fake” meat: it seems to make hard-core vegetarians and hard-core carnivores both almost angry to see people enjoying something like Gardein meat-free Home Style Beefless Tips.

I'm not sure I understand this.
This plant based product offers a surprising beef analog made with wheat gluten, soy and grain flours, and leaves no lingering questions about humaneness, hormones and other additives, saturated fat and all the other health, humaneness and sustainability issues surrounding industrial meat. 

I guess serious veggievores consider it a cheat when seekers and inquirers use fake meat to bridge the gap between animal-based and plant-based cuisines. They view it as lazy vegetarianism and figure if they had to go cold pardon-the-expression turkey, so should we. Sort of like reformed-smokers looking Down our noses at those trying E-cigarettes in an effort to give up the addiction.

I am less certain why some meat eaters get so angry about faux meats, but I'm thinking a smoking analogy works here, too. They know they'll never give up meat, in spite of the evidence surrounding its health, humaneness and environmental issues, so they are so not down with anything that makes abandoning cow meat easier for the rest of us.

To them I gently say, "Mind your own bidniss, please."

Mary made us a pot of rich, delicious “beef” stew using Gardein tonight. It was delicious, it came in at 150 calories per generous serving, no animals were harmed in its production, and it went great with red wine. Works for me!