Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pasta with vodka tomato sauce and cashew cream

I found a jar of raw cashews in the back of the fridge and remembered that I had intended to try making non-dairy cashew cream. Belatedly gave the simple process a try: wash raw (not roasted or salted) cashews, soak overnight, rinse, then blend with just enough water to make a heavy cream. Strain out solids and use. Mm, not too bad. 

Now I had some “cream.” What to do? I've also got some fresh made garden tomato sauce - pureed garden beauties with basil and onion - so I grabbed an ancient jug of rarely used Stoli hot pepper vodka, browned some onions and garlic and brought all the parts together into a Palm Beach-style pink vodka sauce for pasta. Tastes just like the real thing with a fraction of the fat and none of the cholesterol.