Friday, September 20, 2013

Ratatouille on the grill!

I am so doing this!  It's a good cooking video, too, only 3:18 and worth watching all the way through.

The New York Times

When it comes to ratatouille, there is no shortage of recipes. There’s the traditional, time-consuming kind in which you sauté all the vegetables separately, then stew them together slowly in a casserole. There’s the shortcut method of simmering everything at once. There’s roasted ratatouille, microwaved ratatouille and even steamed ratatouille ...

Finally, there’s grilled ratatouille, a recipe with many charms both in the method and the result. ... Grilling adds a smoky nuance to the finished dish without overpowering the essential flavors of vegetables, olive oil and herbs.