Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And now, a dish that makes us say, "Mmm, brussels sprouts!"

For this week's review, shared with LEO Weekly, we got back to Rye on Market in Louisville's NuLu neighborhood, and I was blown away by the food coming out of Chef Tyler Morris and Joe Banet's kitchen.

Even brussels sprouts, roasted Korean brussels sprouts to be precise. Anybody who can make brussels sprouts taste this good can make anything taste good!  Here's the top of the review. Click the links for the full report.
Rye will make you eat your brussels sprouts and beg for more 
Korean roasted brussels sprouts at Rye.
Somewhere out there in this wonderfully diverse world, there is bound to be at least one human who truly loves, loves, loves brussels sprouts.
I have not yet met this person. 
Let’s face it, a brussels sprout is nothing but a tiny cabbage, with all of the faults that its bigger sibling is heir to, but - in my opinion, at least, and apparently that of many others - few of the virtues.  Overcook them and they get stenchy.  Undercook them and they stay hard, without the saving grace of crunch.  And no matter what you do with them, it seems, they remain, well, tiny cabbages.

But the other night I met a brussels sprout - a bowl of them, actually - that swept me off my feet. And therein lies the resounding point of this review, :  Give Executive Chef Tyler Morris and Head Chef Joe Banet and their kitchen crew at Rye anything to cook - yes, anything, even a brussels sprout - and they can make it amazing and delicious.

I submit in evidence Rye’s Korean roasted brussels sprouts. An $8 side dish, it’s not even one of the small plates or main eats that make up the core of Rye’s concise, frequently changing menu. But perhaps it ought to be.  The other night four of us passed around a dish, greedily watching each other to make sure no one nabbed more than a fair share, munching and sighing with uniform delight.

What made them so freaking good
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