Monday, October 21, 2013

Are we there yet?

It was my turn to preach the sermon yesterday at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Louisville, and, as often happens for some reason, the assignment coincided with Youth Sunday.

This prompted me to work with the lectionary readings to come up with a concept that I hoped would hold the attention of teen-agers and sub-teens without losing their parents.

Then it crossed my mind that the lectionary's long ride through the Pentecost season has kept us entirely with the "Travel narrative" portion of the Gospel of Luke since June, every Sunday following the story of Jesus, his apostles and a growing crowd of followers from Galilee down through Samaria toward Jerusalem.  In other words, a New Testament road trip. full of healings and teachings and parables!

Road trip? This opened the door to an obvious theme that people of all ages can relate to:  "Are we there yet!?"

The full text is now posted on the St. Thomas Website ...

And as a note on my Facebook page.