Friday, October 11, 2013

Can I learn to love Zin again?

Bring out your Zins! This month we're aiming our WineLovers Discussion Group's Wine Focus at Zinfandel, America's grape with its roots in Italy, or so we thought, until Carole Meredith & Co. traced its roots to Croatia.

Accordingly, we'll open the topic to a world range of Zinfandel and its cousins, not only in California but in the other places around the world - particularly Western Australia - where it is grown; we'll check out Puglia's Primitivo (which, oddly, also is planted here and there in the New World); and, if you can find any, wines from Zin's progenitor grape, Croatian Crljenik Kasteljanski ("Kurl-YEN-ik Kahs-tel-YAN-ski").

I have to confess that I've been on a Zin diet for years, rarely tasting the stuff in the past decade, when - with Turley's 17-percent monsters as the poster children, but what I saw as a general rush toward massive fruit and high alcohol - I felt that Zin was leaving me. I'm willing to take this month, though, in an effort to rehab Zin in my mind's palate. Will I be happy?

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