Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Food Network loves The Coach Lamp, but who loves Food Network?

The fried chicken at The Coach Lamp.
Okay, I am just going to come right out and say it: I am so over Food Network.  Have been for years, really.  She’s like an old flame, full of bad memories of a romance that I try to suppress now that I’m no longer quite so young and stupid.

But my cable heartburn doesn’t mean I’m not happy that Louisville’s Coach Lamp restaurant and the Darling family, its affable family proprietors, are winning a few moments of Food Network fame. 

If you’ve been conscious, you probably know that Food Network Chef Robert Irvine came to Coach Lamp this past summer with his “Restaurant: Impossible,” declared the victim eatery one of America's “most desperate restaurants,”  on the cusp of failure. Irvine rounds up a team of volunteers, musters a $10,000 budget, and gets busy trying to turn the business around.

The show will air Nov. 6, but the restaurant is open and operating.  My pal Dana, also a local food writer, and her husband Brian joined me the other night to check it out.

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