Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If it quacks like a canard ...

Brasserie Provence shows grace and good eats in dinner rush

Fillet de merou et coquilles St. Jacques at Brasserie Provence.
LEO photo by Frankie Steele.
"Je vais avoir le canard," said my friend Anne, summoning a French teacher and one-time expat's easy fluency.  Our server looked puzzled, though. "Maybe you could point it out on the menu," he said, blushing a little. "I'm still learning the dishes."

I'm not picking on the guy, though. He showed Hemingway-esque grace under fire as our party of four spent the evening on a lavish meal at Brasserie Provence.
We enjoyed his service, a fine Loire Cabernet Franc and an excellent, mostly authentic Provencal meal while allowing plenty of slack for a kitchen slammed by capacity crowds on its first full weekend.

As it turned out, although the evening extended beyone "leisurely," I was thoroughly impressed overall with Brasserie Provence, a new suburban entry in Louisville's dining scene. It's too early to assign it a rating, but its potential is very high.

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