Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'll take breakfast for dinner ... or lunch, or breakfast!

Who doesn't like breakfast? I'll eat it any time of day, and in some ways the contradictory notion of breakfast-for-dinner seems especially appealing. Doubly so in this age when it's easy for city folks to get locally produced, free-range eggs.*

Around the world, though, breakfast isn't only about eggs and pig flesh.  I remember spending about three days wearing down our hosts at a Tokyo ryokan until they finally gave in and let us have "traditional Japanese breakfast" with herring, pickled veggies and such. It wasn't bad.

So, I particularly enjoyed today's offering from Daily Infographic, a favorite blog. This one gives us a look at dining tables of breakfast eaters from around the world, from Australia's iconic Vegemite on toast to Moroccan morning lamb stew and more.

I've copied the image at right. You can click here to read more on Daily Infographic and, if you like, subscribe to the blog.

*In another life, by the way, I've had some experience visiting labor organizers at some of the nation's most mendacious industrial egg producers. These are greedy, corporate entities that treat their animals and their human employees with similar disdain for life, prosperity or happiness. Out of concern for both my physical and moral health, I won't eat those eggs.  That's really a story for another day, but it's not hard to track down horrible examples, if you're willing to see some things that you can't un-see.