Friday, October 18, 2013

Remembrance of wines past

In my 30 Second Wine Advisor column this week, a balanced, flavorful South African white wine prompts a reverie on the way our wine choices have expanded so dramatically over a generation.

Delicious South African Sauvignon Blanc
It's funny how we turn into our parents as we get older. When I was younger, I never understood what my father and mother got out of sitting around and droning on about the way things used to be ... and now I do it! I fell into this reverie, curiously enough, upon contemplating my second glass of Mulderbosch 2011, a really delicious Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa's Western Cape.So why would a South African white, however tasty, act like Marcel Proust's famous madeleine cookie to yank a long rumination out of my easily distracted mind?It's pretty simple, really ...
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