Friday, October 4, 2013

Rude truth from the Rude Pundit

The Rude Pundit really IS rude. I'm not kidding. He salts his essays with repeated, complex structures of four-letter words that you probably don't want your kids to see. Think twice before clicking this if you are easily offended by language.

But doggone it, I'm afraid his hypothesis in "A Tyranny by the Minority, Part 2: The Reign of the Cracker Babies" is sadly close to real, and offers one solid hypothesis for the fractured politics we're seeing in America today.
You remember when there was supposed to be an epidemic of "crack babies"?  They were babies whose mothers had smoked crack (or done coke) during pregnancy and would give birth to drug addicted bundles of joy. They were going to grow up to be sociopaths who would wreak havoc on the nation. Yeah, not so much. 
However, what we are seeing now is the plague of the cracker babies. These are primarily white people who grew up insulated in communities that had ****ed-up beliefs about God, guns, and America, who became resentful of people different than them who might have gotten help from the government, who watched Fox "news" since it started and listened to conservative talk radio before that, who have been pandered to and exploited by opportunists and snake oil salesmen who made them think that their stunted intellectual development is an asset. We are now in the grip of their electoral choices ...
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