Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The last eggplant of summer?

That sounds a lot less nostalgic than the old traditional song, "Last Rose of Summer," but it's nostalgic enough:  With a frost forecast for tonight and freezing temps not far behind, autumn is finally coming to the Ohio River Valley.

We harvested about 20 skinny white Indian eggplants (and some fat green tomatoes) today, and I've now got all the eggplant, chopped and tossed with onion chunks, olive oil, salt and pepper, roasting on a greased cookie sheet, where it will bask at 450F for a half-hour or so until they fall into juicy, tender little browned morsels.  We'll just throw some on basmati rice and eat it au naturel, and if there's any left, save it for a pasta topping or risotto or pilaf ingredient.

We got these little eggplants by accident back in the spring - a friend picked up three skinny whites by accident when we thought we were getting the traditional black globes - but this chop-and-roast technique has turned a mistake into a delicious standard in our dinner rotation.

Fall.  I'm not a fan of the colder seasons, and I'm not looking forward to winter, either. But from the standpoint of the kitchen, I'm kind of looking forward to baking breads from Peter Reinhart's books again, and some pizza!