Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We sing the praises of Shady Lane Café | October 9, 2013

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Good eats at Shady Lane Cafe. LEO Photo by Frankie Steele.
     Good eats at Shady Lane Cafe. 
       LEO Photo by Frankie Steele.
I’d like to sing the praises of Shady Lane Café, but I expect that café owner Susi Smith, an outstanding professional singer, could warble it far better than I; and her husband and co-owner Bill Smith, who’s not only a mean hand on the short-order grill but also a poet of some repute, could probably sling some better verses on the topic than I, iambic pentameter or free verse, either way. 

But that being said, I’m standing in this pulpit and they’re not. So let me just say that Shady Lane Café has been a favorite for quite a while, and judging by the crowds that pack in daily and the applause that comes in from all over, it still is.

Recently, the gang over at Louisville Magazine gave Shady Lane a standing O for its Brownsboro Burger, a feat that Bill wasn’t loath to trumpet on the Forum and the eatery’s Facebook page: “Okay guys. Which burger beat out 34 other restaurants in Louisville, including MilkWood, Mussel and Burger Bar, Jack Fry’s, etc. to reach the Top Four best burgers in Louisville Mag? You guessed it, SHADY LANE!! Susi and I are honored and we have you to thank.”
At which point, what could we do? Mary and I just had to go over and have a piece of that burger — and more — for a nourishing midday repast.

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