Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A food critic walks into a Bar Belle ...

Birria de borrego (pork shoulder) at El Camino.
LEO photo by Frankie Steele.
 ... and hilarity ensued as we compared contrasting notes on El Camino, the hot new Cali-Mex eatery and watering hole in the former Avalon venue on Bardstown Road that's run by the same folks who brought us the mega-popular Silver Dollar.

Here's the intro. Click the link at the end to read my full report on El Camino at and

No, Bar Belle! El Camino is surfin' good

My pal the Bar Belle is also the boss of me when it comes to this column, but that sure doesn't stop me from calling Bullwinkle when I just have to.

So, yo, Bar Belle! You've got it all wrong when you go hatin' on El Camino!

How did this debate work out? Well, our conversation went something like this:

Your Humble Critic: We checked out El Camino the other night. It's the new place with the Cali-Mex surfer/tiki-bar vibe that's run by the Silver Dollar peeps in the old Avalon space on Bardstown. It is truly awesome.

The Bar Belle: I went the other night and wasn't impressed.

Critic: Whaaa?

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