Friday, November 15, 2013


So I had a crave for a real New Orleans-style muffuletta today, and happily, dear old Lotsa Pasta makes one that's a fair match for the iconic Central Grocery model in the Crescent City.  I didn't want fatty cold cuts, though, so I talked them into making me a plant-based model instead.

Nice puffy fresh-baked ciabatta bun, check!  Thick slice of funky provolone, check! NOLA-style olive salad and plenty of it, check!  Now, hold the greasy sausage, but slather me on a nice thick schmear of tasty, protein-rich and gently spicy black-bean puree instead.  Slice it, wrap it ($5.50, more than fair) and lug it home. Lunch is served!

I was going to split it and save the other half for tomorrow's lunch, but I couldn't quit eating until it was gone. Mmmmmuffuletta!