Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Economic recovery: The 99 percent get lunch

"The Roy" mortadella and cheddar sandwich
at Jackknife Cafe. LEO photo by Frankie Steele.
My weekly dining review on and in LEO Weekly takes us to two appealing and reasonably affordable new lunch spots in the booming corridor east of downtown Louisville.

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Economic recovery: The 99 percent get lunch
It is being reported that economic recovery is back, at least for the 1 percent, who get to eat $100 dinners at pricey new spots like Brasserie Provence, or nosh from the upscale end of the dinner menu at El Camino.
For the 99 percent, though - the rest of us who are still struggling paycheck to paycheck - well, we’re getting by on a load of new lunch spots where an appetizing midday repast won't cost you an arm and a leg.
We’re looking at Jackknife Cafe in Butchertown, where Erika Chavez-Graziano has added a fetching eatery to her Cellar Door Chocolates business; and Cake Flour, where top-rank pastry chef Claudia DeLatorre has opened a bright, colorful lunch space adjacent to her popular pastry shop.
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