Saturday, November 23, 2013

Scrambled eggs ... with cabbage!?

Don't be too quick to assume that this odd-sounding combination won't work! I ran across this recipe in Summer Tomato, a foodie blog that I enjoy, and thought the idea of quickly sauteeing thin-sliced cabbage, hitting it with a shot of soy sauce, then gently scrambling fresh free-range eggs around it might be good.

Unable to leave well-enough alone, I kicked Summer Tomato's recipe up a notch or two by building in some aromatic flavors and just a touch of piquant fire to give it a cross-Asian touch that reached from India to South China.

The Summer Tomato recipe is here. My changes involved scenting the oil with a smashed garlic clove (discarded after browning) before I cooked the cabbage; and adding light rations of cumin, turmeric, Madras curry powder, black pepper, sambal oelek and a dash of sesame oil to the eggs, plus 1 tablespoon water for each egg.  (I used three eggs and the greater part of a medium-size cabbage to make enough for a light dinner for two, and those portions worked out about right.)

More tips:  Slice the cabbage very fine, and brown it over very high heat. then, after you've stirred in the soy sauce, reduce heat to medium low and scramble the eggs gently, slowly, lifting and turning the eggs in large curds as they form up. Pull it from the heat when it's still a bit on the soft side, and carry-over heat should finish them perfectly.

We served this with dinner rolls, and it reminded me a bit of old-style Chinese-American Egg Foo Young. A green salad would have gone well with it, although I claimed there was enough cabbage in there to declare the dish green-veggie healthy without further help.