Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tastes almost like chik'n, says Alton Brown

When it comes to Beyond Meat chicken-free strips (which I've praised before), the wacky host of the late, lamented Good Eats and Iron Chef America seems mighty impressed.

Brown wrote a long article for Wired Magazine recently, highlighting a visit to Beyond Meat's production facility and his thoughts on the environmental and health benefits if  "analogue" meats can be perfected in a world of billions.

Here Brown captures the fundamental question:
So if you could consume a product that tasted and chewed like chicken in, say, half of your at-home or restaurant meals, would you? And what if that product delivered healthy protein with no antibiotics, cholesterol, trans fats, or saturated fat, yet required only a fraction of the resources to produce while creating little waste or environmental risks? Why wouldn’t you?
Good questions. Would you? Why not?

Here's a link to Brown's story in Wired.

And here's the Beyond Meat Website