Friday, December 6, 2013

$10 recession-busting French red

Delas 2012 Ventoux
Delas 2012 Ventoux
I keep reading that the long-running recession is over. A news flash just came in! "Economy Added 203,000 Jobs in November; Unemployment Falls to 5-Year Low!"

Funny I'm not feeling that, though, and neither are most people I know.  Recession, Schmecession:  We're not all out at wine auctions buying Domaine de la RomanĂ©e-Conti or Screaming Eagle or whatever today's trophy du jour might be. But show me a decent, interesting red wine that goes well with food and bears a modest $10 price tag, and I'm all over it.

Check out my tasting report on the $9.99 Delas 2012 Ventoux in today's 30 Second Wine Advisor. You'll also find a link to a fine holiday benefit, a 10 percent savings code from our good friends at California Wine Club, and a repeat of last week's links to Steve and Deborah De Long's first-rate Wine Map of Italy, along with their other display-quality wine maps and their offbeat, intriguing Wine Grape Varietal Table.

It's all in this week's 30 Second Wine Advisor, now online and en route to subscribers' Email boxes.