Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All hail the satsuma!

Fresh satsuma!
There's something that both fascinates and frustrates me about the seasonality of fresh fruit (and veggies, too!)  There is probably a life lesson in the patience that's required to wait for the annual arrival of fresh local peaches, ripe garden tomatoes, juicy fresh figs, and, as the season moves on, ripe pears, and now satsumas, the one variety of tangerine so good that I would rather wait for its short December-January season than eat the others.

Seedless, easy to peel, sweet juice nicely contained in tight segments that don't leak all over your hands ... what's not to like?  I eat them by the sack full while I can, then declare it a season and wait for next year.

Sometimes I wish all these luscious items were available all year 'round (and I'm not talking about the rock-hard, trucked-in substitutes bred for shipping durability but not for texture or flavor, either!)

But suppose we could have satsumas - or ripe local peaches, tomatoes and all our other favorites - all 12 months of the year. Would they still taste as sweet?