Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Indian delights kissed with primal fire

For this week's dining column in LEO Weekly, we visit a new Indian restaurant in suburban Middletown called Clay Pot, prompting a reverie on the primal fire of the classic Indian tandoori oven.
Clay Oven fires up Indian goodies 
Ponder this: An Indian cooking technique based on clay pot principles as old as civilization can generate temperatures up to a roaring 900 degrees F. That's hot enough to put even your neighborhood pizza oven to shame, and it's even hotter than your home oven gets when it's self-cleaning at full-blast and locked up for your protection. Happily, you can sample food kissed with primal fire in the cylindrical clay oven called tandoor ("Tahn-DUR") at quite a few local Indian restaurants. 
I'd suggest a trip to Clay Oven Indian Restaurant in Middletown, which takes its name from the iconic oven. You can't see its tandoor from the dining area, but management assured me in a follow-up phone call that they have a smallish one back in the kitchen. 
I can testify that they know how to use it ...
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