Friday, December 27, 2013

Mmm, fennel-scented Italian sausage and pasta

Huh-huh, he said "sausage," Beavis. Or he said Lightlife Smart Sausages® Italian Style, anyway, a plant-based "meat" that's aromatic and fennel-scented and looks, tastes and feels so much like real Italian sausage that it's hard to believe it wasn't carved from the side of a pig. But it wasn't, and that's a good thing on several levels, from the health thing to the humane thing.

The dish was quick and easy, too easy to require a real recipe.  I thawed a block of our summer garden tomato sauce, portioned and frozen for just this sort of winter dinner, and cooked up the sausage, sliced into rounds, with the tomato sauce, a bunch of browned onions and garlic in a little olive oil, and black and red pepper and salt. Oh, yeah, and a hit of fennel pollen (or you could grind a little fennel seed) to kick the fennel flavor up another notch.  Boil spaghetti, drain spaghetti, dress pasta with the sauce and put a simple green salad on the side, and dinner is done.