Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Breakfast of ... champions?

Plain yogurt, brown sugar, cut-up ripe pear,
pomegranate seeds and still-frozen blueberries.
Although I love variety in most of my culinary life, I'm happily settled in to a standard breakfast format, a healthy morning meal that changes a bit with the seasons but, in the essentials, remains pretty much the same:  Plain, unsweetened yogurt (plus a touch of brown or raw sugar), with cut-up fresh fruit of the season (peaches by summer, pears for most of the rest of the year, fresh figs when available) tossed with bright pomegranate seeds when I've got them and a ration of blueberries (frozen into munchy little bites of flavor, straight from the freezer).

Add an English muffin or, rarely on weekends, an omelet or other egg dish, and I'm good to go.

Any thoughts on other ways I could mix this up if I get bored?