Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Coagulate, schmo-agulate. I want my eggs cooked!

Napa River Grill's Sunday brunch is eggs-actly delicious 
Eggs and a bloody mary at Napa River Grill.
LEO photo by Frankie Steele.
Today, let us consider the incredible egg: a gift of nature that's supremely edible when we handle it right, but when it's raw or overcooked, not so much. ... 
Before our eggs are coagulated via scrambling, frying, poaching, hard- or soft-boiling, baking into a cake or whatever, your basic henfruit is a nasty, unappetizing thing, a viscous yolk ball floating in a slippery-slimy white. 
Remember the famous scene in the first "Rocky" movie, when Rocky Balboa started a tough day of training by gulping down a dozen raw Grade A's? Almost 38 years later, I can still vividly remember the sounds of gagging that spread through the theater. 
No, make mine cooked, please. Or coagulated. ... 
Speaking of which, I'm currently smitten by the innovative egg idea that launched a couple months ago with the indulgent new brunch buffet at Napa River Grill. ...
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