Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fork, fingers, who cares? Just eat the damn pizza!

Let's give New York City's new Mayor Bill de Blasio some slack. He's got enough on his plate with governing the Big Apple. As I write in this week's review for @TheVoiceTribune, let him fork his pizza if he wants to.
Jet's Takes Off With Detroit-Style PizzaVoice-Tribune review by Robin Garr
Sausage pizza at Jet’s 
If there was ever any doubt that pizza has truly become an all-American treat, it was surely put to rest with Pizzagate this week, when New York City's new mayor Bill de Blasio provoked screams of outrage when he attacked a gooey pie at a Gotham pizzeria with – the horror – a knife and fork.  "Blasphemy! No one would ever do such a thing in Italy," the angry hordes shrieked. 
Actually, that's not really true. 
In New York City, yes, pizza is mostly walking-around food, dispensed from street-corner shops where it's sold by the large slice, perched on a small white paper plate and, usually, a sheet of foil. It makes sense to pick it up by the crust, fold it lengthwise and start munching from the pointy end while you're on the go.
But in Italy, as any observant traveler knows, serious pizza is sit-down restaurant food, and the original pizza margherita, the signature pie of Naples with its Italian-flag colors of red sauce, white cheese and green basil, is too soupy to eat out of hand unless you plan to wear it. Knife and fork give it proper respect. Fingers are best reserved for street-food pizza.  
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