Monday, January 6, 2014

Hearty stew for a wintry night

Gardein "beefless" stew.
An "Arctic Vortex" has much of the US staggering under freezing cold, and even here at Louisville in the Border South it's down to minus-3 outside right now with little relief in sight for a day or two.

So who's up for a hearty bowl of stew?  Mary cooked tonight, with a little veggie prep work from yours truly as sous chef. This hearty treat came to the table smelling and tasting as good as it looked, and it didn't take us long to polish it off, with a bottle of of an offbeat Loire red, Puzelat-Bonhomme 2012 "Le Rouge et Mis" Vin du France Pinot Meunier, to go alongside.

For the record, the "beef" in this stew is actually @Gardein brand "beefless tips," a soy and wheat-gluten product with natural plant-based flavors that, darkly browned (in butter, if vegan considerations don't deter that option) and served in a traditional beef context like a stew, make a mighty palatable alternative to the animal-based original. And goes with red wine!