Wednesday, January 22, 2014

If you know sushi, you want it fresh

My dining review for LEO Weekly and this week, I'm sorry to say,  presents a less than optimal experience at a newish eatery, Ginza Asian Bistro.
Ginza glitters, but ultimately disappoints
As the signature upscale shopping district in Tokyo, Ginza is a landmark akin to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Miraflores in Lima or Chicago's purportedly magnificent Michigan Avenue.
Which suggests that Ginza Asian Bistro, a newish suburban eatery in Louisville, has set itself to a mighty high standard with its choice of moniker.
And when you first step through the door of this flashy spot on Shelbyville Road near Hurstbourne, with its pools of translucent blue, green and red lights marking out space on the ceilings and walls, lots of mirrors and an oversize lighted fish tank, you might feel a flash of high color and high tech that could make you think, "Ginza, yeah!"
Service is Ginza-polished, too, with fluent English speakers delivering food and attending to your order with grace and style.
But in my recent experience through a substantial, multi-course midday meal, Ginza sadly stops well short of the ideal in the food department. None of eight dishes we tried ranked as outstanding, a few were "meh," one went uneaten, and one got sent back to the kitchen for an unsuccessful re-do. ...
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