Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meaty red lentils 2.0

Red-lentil dal on Indian-style mashed potatoes.
The red-lentil dal with coconut milk dish I made recently, posted here as "Meaty" flavor in a plant-based red lentil dal, was more than good enough to justify a reprise tonight, but naturally I couldn't do it again without trying a change or two.

So, behold, "Meaty red lentils 2.0"!

I stuck with the same basic recipe (available by clicking the link above), but made two key changes.

First, after the lentils were almost done, I stirred in 1 cup thawed frozen lima beans. (Fresh cooked limas, if available, would have been great, too.)  This was a splendid addition, adding color, flavor and a compatible texture to the finished dish.

Then, I served the dish over a mound of steaming mashed potatoes! This was a brillian idea (for which I credit my wife); and while it would have worked well with standard mashed P's, it was even better with an Indian-style variation:  I peeled, cubed and simmered two medium baking potatoes, then mashed them with an aromatic liquid mix of yogurt, a splash of coconut milk, cumin and turmeric and a hefty dose of black pepper.

The dal and mashed potato mix made a deeply consoling, deliciously flavorful combination. I'll definitely do this again.