Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We wrestle and win at El Taco Luchador

Tacos at El Taco Luchador. LEO photo by Frankie Steele.
Okay, Taco Luchador, we get the "taco" part. But what the heck is a "luchador"? Simple, señoras y señores! The luchador is a skilled artisan, a practitioner of lucha libre ("free fight"), the manly art of self-defense. In other words, luchadores are Mexican pro wrestlers. But trust me on this, lucha libre makes the overweight, steroid-pumped thespians of the WWE look like a bunch of slow-moving sissies.

Smaller, lighter and far more lithe than the Norteamericano pros, the luchadores are acrobats and artists who leap high, twist and turn in the air and pounce on their opponents in a writhing dance that's not always bound by the ropes of the ring. And they do it wearing crazy masks!

Okay, fine. But where's the connection between Mexican rasslin' and the new, hugely popular taqueria that just opened on the Baxter Avenue strip?

Quite a few lucha libre masks ("máscaras") adorn the bright, salsa verde and salsa rojo-colored walls of El Taco Luchador, as do folk-art paintings of luchadores ready to get it down. And the folks behind the counters stand ready to wrestle up some very serious Mexican street food for you, too.

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